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The FMCG industry operates at a rapid pace. Consumer preferences are always evolving. For businesses, that means staying agile and responsive is crucial. Growing challenges like managing complex supply chains, forecasting demand, and keeping up with rising costs make it crucial for businesses to seek quick and efficient solutions. Advanced analytics, automation, and AI-enhanced forecasting are essential to business operations in the FMCG sector.

With Excellence Delivered you can find the right solutions for your FMCG business needs. By implementing and integrating cutting-edge ERP software ExD can help you leverage powerful solutions that utilize AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics to help you optimize your business operations.


Challenges for FMCG Businesses

In FMCG, products go through numerous stages before reaching the consumer. We at ExD can help optimize and enhance FMCG operations with solutions to challenges like:

Manually Managing Inventory can be a tedious and time consuming process that can take up valuable resources in fast-paced operations. Trying to accomplish tasks manually can be laborious and error inducing. Businesses need accurate, smart and swift decision-making to keep up with the growing challenges in the FMCG sector.

One of the most crucial aspects of FMCG business operations is COGS. These direct costs associated with manufacturing are vital to assessing profitability and help with business strategy. Smart FMGC enterprises need to prioritize COGS analysis and optimize profitability.

From Procurement to Demand Management, the supply chain is vital to a thriving FMCG business. Evolving and volatile demand needs for FMCG require smart forecasting and efficient decision-making to ensure products always make it to the shelves for consumers.

For consumers, quality is always a top priority. FMCG businesses are required to deliver high quality products to the shelves. To consistently improve services and products, it is necessary to employ cutting-edge software solutions to achieve customer excellence through quality management.

With the number of processes and operations in a FMCG enterprise, it becomes imperative to streamline and maintain an agile workflow. Businesses need to optimize operations like stock management, analyze sales data, and update financial statements in real-time to facilitate smart decision-making. If managed inefficiently, things can turn chaotic very quickly.

Managing logistics is an everyday operation for FMCG companies. To optimize resources and cut costs businesses need accuracy, speed, and flexibility. These repetitive tasks if performed manually present many challenges and consume precious resources that might be better spent elsewhere.

How Can a Robust ERP Solution Transform FMCG?

In FMCG, products go through numerous stages before reaching the consumer. To enhance and optimize business operations, FMCG businesses need to effectively address industry challenges to ensure seamless product delivery:


Optimized demand forecasting ensures products are available in the right quantities at the right time for consumers. Avoid unnecessary stocking and shipping. Leverage SAP AI and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to enable accurate and timely decision making in a fast paced business landscape. With an ERP software solution, your business is primed and enabled to respond swiftly and accurately to fluctuating demands in real-time.

Manage BOMs

An ERP solution can help FMCG businesses use advanced data analysis to optimize Bill of Material (BOM) Management. Pinpoint potential cost reductions and boost profitability while managing inventory and improve overall operational efficiency. ERP solutions optimize entire manufacturing processes by providing real-time insights and analysis to facilitate agile decision-making and swiftly address potential challenges like material shortage scenarios.

Facilitate PPS Workflow

ERPs can help you integrate and implement efficient tracking mechanisms to ensure goods are picked, packed, and shipped (PPS) correctly and efficiently. Integrate your ERP with label generation software to facilitate packaging, or analyze barcode data in real-time to ensure your shipment carries the right goods to the right destination. You can also integrate the ERP software with a Transport Management System for better synergy.

Sales Order Management

Intelligent FMCG enterprises have access to real-time monitoring in the assembly line for optimized sales order management. SAP ERP solutions enable consolidated sales data so FMCG businesses can efficiently manage day-to-day operations from order entry and release to order processing from one centralized repository. Additionally, repetitive processes within the Sales Order Management chain can be automated to free up time and resources.

Sequencing and Scheduling

Sequencing is a powerful tool that can assist your FMCG operations in a myriad of different situations. In production management, for example, you can group relevant operations in a precise sequence for efficient execution maximizing resources at your disposal. Manage the delivery of your orders by scheduling them for a certain time to avoid customer dissatisfaction and minimize overtime work for your FMCG operations. 

Human Capital Management

An ERP solution can help you centralize all sales force operations for FMCG businesses. Whether it be through a regional distributor, a retailer or a local grocery store an ERP enables you to manage sales directives from any place, anytime. Additionally, automate HR processes like payrolls through ERP software and save them the tedious paperwork.

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