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About ExD Education:
Excellence Delivered is a member of United VARs, which is an SAP Platinum partner.
ExD provides Implementation, Support, and Upgrade Services of leading ERP, CRM, and Business Intelligence Systems. In 2010 ExD launched ExD Education to create a pool of talented and skillful trainees that can attract local as well as global employers.

As pioneers of the Internship/MTO programs in the ERP solutions industry, we emphasize a long-term relationship with trainees who can become future leaders in their respective fields. Trainees from ExD Education are preferred for Internships and Management Trainee Programs at ExD who are deployed on live projects while being mentored by senior consultants.

ExD Education’s Structure:
SAP Training:

ExD has seen tremendous growth in its success in implementing, converting, and upgrading SAP solutions for various enterprises that are leaders in their respective industries. As the largest training center of SAP certifications in Pakistan, ExD provides world-class job and training facilities as well as career counseling services to attract global employers. SAP certifications are one of the most sought-after globally which help in developing an individual’s career. ExD helps students achieve that goal by guiding them on how to implement, create, configure and convert business processes in various SAP Modules.

1. SAP Learning Hub
SAP Learning Hub is a digital learning platform that aids in the creation and implementation of SAP software skills. It offers training and support throughout the SAP solution portfolio with digital, interactive, hands-on and expert-led training. Learners get access to all of the enablement content they need to prepare for SAP Global Certification and keep their skills up to date. This solution comes in a variety of subscription-based editions, each of which is suited to specific roles and enablement requirements.

a.) SAP Learning Hub Enhance Student Edition
The Enhanced Student Edition of SAP Learning Hub is designed to aid students in a professional career in the SAP industry. This all-in-one digital learning solution provides students with the necessary tools needed to develop skills and gain hands-on experience with SAP systems.

*To apply for SAP Learning Hub Student Edition applicants must share a bonafide letter with the status of the student from an HEC recognized institution Or Professional Body such as ACCA, ICMAP, ICAP

b.) SAP Learning Hub Professional Edition
SAP Learning Hub's professional edition provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive training content for professionals working on SAP software implementation projects. Through guided system design and adoption planning, it streamlines enablement, accelerates user adoption, and lowers per-learner training costs.

c.) SAP Learning Hub Solution Edition
The SAP Learning Hub's Solution Editions are customized, comprehensive digital programs that enable beginners and experts equally to gain and maintain competence in a specific SAP solution portfolio. Students are trained to acquire solution competence in any of SAP's eight solution portfolios: SAP S/4HANA Cloud, digital platforms, procurement and networks, analytics, customer experience, IoT and digital supply chain, and finance.

2.) SAP E- Academy:
ExD, through SAP E-Academy, provides interactive snapshots of business processes along with simulations, exercises along with pre and post-evaluation workshops. SAP E-Academy is offered to applicants for various domains such as Financial Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Business One Logistics and Financials along with others.

ExD and NAVTTC’s Kamyab Jawan Programme:
According to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision, the youth of Pakistan needed to be part of a comprehensive program focused on developing special skills to empower them economically. This vision was implemented practically throughout Pakistan and the Kamyab Jawan Programme was launched in 2018.

ExD’s goals are completely aligned with the vision of Kamyab Jawan Programme and in 2019, ExD collaborated with the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC), to begin training Pakistani youth to attain higher employability in line with the most updated global technical advancements. ExD and NAVTTC have empowered over 300 students in Lahore and Karachi for various SAP domains in their pilot project.

Kamyab Jawan sessions are held with digital, interactive, hands-on, and expert-led training for several SAP domains such as Materials Management (MM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP), Financial Accounting (FI), Fiori, and Business One.

Oracle Training:
Oracle Corporation, founded in 1977, has been developing and marketing computer software applications for businesses across the globe. The company is renowned for Oracle database software, a relational database management system, and for computer systems and software, such as Solaris and Java.

As the Gold Partners of Oracle, ExD over the years and has been successfully training applicants in various domains to helps them gain a competitive advantage in the global job market and advance their careers.

Trainings for Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, Enterprise Performance Management, Supply Chain and Database along with others are provided to applicants in their respective domains.

Corporate Training:
ExD offers corporate training with the goal of educating employees. While it helps enterprises, it also serves significant benefits to employees by assisting them in obtaining and honing the information and skills necessary to advance professionally. Training such as Ms. Office, IFS, Shopify, Web Development and Business Communication Skills along with several others are offered in order to enhance the skills of professionals on a daily basis.

SAP Education


Excellence Delivered (ExD) is a leading implementation and educational partner of SAP in Pakistan. ExD has done reasonably well by implementing SAP in Punjab Agriculture and Naubahar Bottling Company in Gujranwala. Our ongoing projects include Banu Mukhtar, CSH Pharma Group, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and Punjab Beverages. Our Education vertical offers E-Learning in its state of the art facility in Lahore. The E-Learning training is interactive and has a structured pattern with training offered directly by SAP.

The five month long course gives students access to lectures in audio/video pattern at (www.saponeworld.com). Lectures comprise of main and basic courses in the module a student registers for. Every lesson begins with a pre-assessment, a quiz questionnaire to check existing knowledge level for the topic under discussion. After the lesson, a theoretical/business process oriented lecture, the post assessment quiz test students on the acquired knowledge to learn how to practically implement/configure the functionality/business process you studied. Simulation mode demonstrations at the end of every lesson and access to SAP live server called “Citrix” lets students perform scenario based exercises with step by step solutions.

SAP is suitable for professionals with diverse backgrounds including but not limited to, ACCA/CA/MBA/MCS/BBA/BCS/B.COM/M.COM etc. It should be noted by students of ACCA background that ExD is an ACCA Gold partner. Therefore the experience letter issued to an ACCA student would count the SAP training as well as the ACCA experience. We are proud to say that being awarded “fastest growing” implementation partner from SAP, we have so far highest number of SAP projects in Pakistan and have launched internship program for our students ( for details please contact us). SAP is segregated into different Business domains or Modules.

Why SAP :

1. SAP ERP is rated #1 by leading analysts for functional completeness

2. Global presence, implemented in more than 100,000 companies in over 120 different countries. Due to vast global presence, certified consultants have high job security

3. Trusted software which is commanding market since almost 40 years, it helps organizations and their employees work more efficiently and use business insight to run better and stay ahead of the competition.

4. In order to meet increased demand for SAP services attributed to proven, robust SAP system, about 60,000 certified consultants are required globally.

5. Implemented by renowned companies like fortune 100 & fortune 500 6. SAP consultants are the most sought after consultants in the world.

7. SAP certified candidates command a 20% salary advantage than others in the market.

Contact Us: For further details or to schedule a meeting kindly call us at +92 (42) 3540 8548 - 52 or email us at: academy@exdnow.com

ExD eAcademy

Why Join ExD Academy:

1: Our primary reason of launching E-learning was to develop a nursery in which our existing students can be our future consultants. We believe in “long term partnership” not limited to the duration of training only.

2: Only one in Pakistan to provide Internship/MTO program. Practical project experience is of great essence in SAP career and we can help you in achieving that by deploying students on our ongoing projects.

3: ACCA Gold member, majority of our students come from ACCA background, now when they enroll their ACCA experience will count together with SAP training and even project .

How ExD E-Academy is Structured:

SAP Associate Application Consultant training is provided, mode of E-learning is based on CBT (Computer Based Training), this pattern of training has several advantages compare to conventional Instructor Led (ILT):

  • 1: We have flexible timings; academy is opened from 9 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday and on Saturdays 9 AM to 2 PM.
  • 2: Students can register anytime; this training is not batch dependent, upon registering students would get SAP login details in about five working days.
  • 3: Students would have ample time of five months to complete their course; Instructor Led (ILT) is only for 21 days.
  • 4: Training is very interactive comprising of pre & post assessments, simulations, audio/video lectures, support help in the form of “Ask the Expert” in which you can communicate with SAP trainer through email, chatting, and video conferencing. At ExD we value you, and want to establish a long term partnership thus students are guided and groomed on occasional basis. If need arises one of our consultant can provide mentorship.
  • 5: Guaranteed internship/management trainee officer program, if a student score 80% marks in SAP certification exam, they would be deployed on one of our ongoing projects. This by far would be most beneficial for students as in this career after certification career ladder depends on number of project experience they have.
  • 6: State-of-the-art lab with brand new computers and user friendly environment to have peaceful learning atmosphere.

Career Planning:

The right and structured SAP training is good investment. It not only enhances person knowledge but also become value addition for company where SAP is about to be implemented. Students may come from diverse background like business or IT, by enrolling in E-Academy it would train you on required business processes in your module and how to implement, create, and configure them in SAP. Also to be categorized as good SAP consultant, it’s imperative to have good communication skills.Good communication skills are essential as consultants have to understand client requirements and then transfer their knowledge of SAP to users who are totally new to SAP system.

Keeping in view these requirements which are crucial for our students to succeed in practical environment, ExD has launched internship program. During internship, students would be deployed on live SAP project along with our senior consultant who will act like their mentor as well. Getting deployed on live SAP project would build your communication skills and get you acquainted with how to gather client requirements and work under stiff project deadlines. After certification, students have the option to work for companies who have already implemented SAP or about to implement it. We suggest our students to work for a consulting firm in initial stage of their career and then go work as an “End User” in company already running SAP. By working for consulting firm, students or certified consultant as we can refer you are equipped with cross industrial domain knowledge.

Contact Us: For further details or to schedule a meeting kindly call us at +92 (42) 3540 8548 - 52 or email us at: academy@exdnow.com

SAP Certifications

SAP certification declares publicly that you are equipped with superior solution expertise and have been trained to use it to give your clients a powerful competitive advantage. In addition, when you receive SAP Certification, you join a distinguished community of experts and gain an externally recognized mark of excellence that helps you differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace. Today more than 140,000 consultants and users are recognized around the world as part of this exclusive community including more than 80% of SAP’s own consultants. All are experts in their fields and can execute their tasks with confidence and skill. We conduct certification exam on routine basis like once a month and hold one of highest examination success rate with percentile nearing 80%.

SAP distinguishes three types of certifications:

1. SAP Certified Master - requires demonstrated expertise regarding specific aspects of SAP software functionality and technology, as well as the ability to drive innovation and solution optimization that meet an organization’s technical and business requirements.

2. SAP Certified Professional - requires proven project experience, business process knowledge, and a more detailed understanding of SAP solutions.

3. SAP Certified Associate- requires fundamental knowledge of SAP solutions and the successful acquisition of broad proficiency. To begin with SAP Associate level is given.

Contact Us: For further details or to schedule a meeting kindly call us at +92 (42) 3540 8548 - 52 or email us at: academy@exdnow.com

Type of Academies

Type of Academies:


1: Get access to lectures especially designed and reviewed directly from SAP, this eliminate the doubt whether course contents are updated or not. Lectures and manuals are prepared especially for students so they can pass certification exam and become competent enough to implement or run SAP in a company.

2: Self pace learning, this option is by far the most convenient and useful option of E-learning, training material of each SAP module comprise of averaging 3,000 pages, you have the option of comprehending this material over the span of five months at your own pace.

3: “Ask the Expert” help, support help is provided directly from SAP, in this option if student have any question (S) they can get in touch with SAP trainers through email, chatting and video conferencing in which trainer would share your screen. This pattern of support is very responsive and prompt, as a courtesy since we highly value our students we can ask one of our consultants to help you out.

4: Cost effective, it is about half the price of ILT (instructor led, for details please contact us). • Standardized training made on same format all around the world.

SAP Customize training:

1: For clients who want to train their respective users at SAP system.

2: It can be customized according to client requirement, curriculum is taught as prescribed from SAP.

3: Taught by our experienced consultant who are certified and have sufficient industry experience.

4: Training mode comprises of instructor led training and to gain practical exposure each student would get access to SAP training server installed individually at their workstations.

5: Course duration is mostly one month but can be flexible according to client need.

6: After training in custom-led pattern, student is not eligible to appear in certification exam. In order to appear in certification exam student should consider enrolling in our E-learning pattern.

Contact Us: For further details or to schedule a meeting kindly call us at +92 (42) 3540 8548 - 52 or email us at: academy@exdnow.com


Learning Hub Student Edition

SAP Virtual Trainings