Packages & ExD sign SAP Deal

Excellence Delivered (ExD) has been selected as the sole SAP partner for Packages Limited and will provide end to end support in implementing SAP across multiple Packages Group business entities. The deal signed between ExD and Packages covers the implementation of SAP Enterprise Support across multiple companies of the Group.

The companies of Packages Group that are a part of the deal are Packages Limited, Bulleh Shah Packaging Pvt. Limited and DIC Pakistan Limited. The goal of this deal is to achieve an end-to-end integration of the existing SAP installations across the businesses covered by the deal. With this implementation, ExD will assist the different entities of the Packages Group in their objective of achieving operational best practices in IT, company operations and executive management.

Sajjad Syed, CEO ExD stated, “It is a sign of great trust in the performance and success of ExD for us to be chosen as the sole SAP partner for Packages. I am sure that we will be able to bring greater efficiency to their operations and ensure their competitiveness in the market and continued growth over the coming years.”