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The textile industry is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. Our country is the fourth-largest producer and the third-largest consumer of cotton globally. Textile manufacturing is a complex process, requiring specialized solutions to manage inventory, supply chain, and cost. The competitiveness of the industry is transforming textile companies, leading them to adopt industry 4.0 standards.

ExD is a leader in implementing ERP systems in the sector, being the first company to have implemented SAP's textile vertical, FVB, in Pakistan. ExD’s textile solution covers the entire chain of textile manufacturing, starting from spinning, weaving, dyeing, apparel, and retail.

Over the years, ExD has developed textile-specific solutions, including:

  1. Pre-Costing
  2. Sub-Contracting
  3. Cotton Procurement
  4. Multi-Level BOM
  5. Production Order Cockpits
  6. Piece Rate Payroll Management
  7. Quality Management

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