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Salesforce Training in Pakistan

What is a CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps businesses manage relationships and interactions with current and potential customers, streamline processes and increase business profitability. A CRM transforms how businesses connect with customers as a one-stop solution. Using a CRM helps build meaningful and long-lasting relationships by understanding customer needs, identifying new opportunities, discovering new sales prospects, aligning marketing campaigns, and addressing any problems for an improved customer experience.

What is a CRM? CRM Training in Pakistan
What is a Salesforce? Salesforce Training in Pakistan

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud-based customer relationship management platform. It enables businesses to connect their sales, marketing, commerce, IT, and service teams on a single platform with the primary goal being customer satisfaction. The integrated CRM platform (Customer 360) powers the entire suite of connected applications so that Salesforce users can focus on what matters the most: streamlining business processes, ensuring an exceptional customer experience, and improving profitability.

Why Learn Salesforce at Excellence Delivered?

Salesforce training is a great way to gain expertise in the world’s number one CRM platform that is in high demand globally across industries. Salesforce is listed on the Fortune 100 and is renowned as one of the top five employers worldwide with over 56,000 employees. 90% of fortune 500 companies use Salesforce to manage their businesses. The global growth and success of Salesforce have led to a shortage of leading companies to employ skilled Salesforce professionals. According to IDC's report in October 2019, the Salesforce ecosystem will create 4.2 million jobs worldwide by 2024 and an experienced Salesforce professional’s skills are the most in-demand technology skills since 2018. Gaining Salesforce training and skills leads to one of the most competitive salaries in the world with a salary of $80,000 per year.


Excellence Delivered is an authorized partner of Salesforce and the only physical training partner in Pakistan for the world’s best CRM, Salesforce. ExD has a proven track record of successfully conducting various technology-oriented training programs since 2010 that have empowered over 1,500 trainees with improved employability in domains such as SAP, Web Development, and Mobile Application Development. ExD continues to strive to create a pool of talented technology professionals within Pakistan that compete on a global market by introducing Salesforce training. Our team of certified Salesforce professionals has credible experience in implementing and managing the Salesforce platform for multiple clients across different industries. We intend to upskill professionals through Salesforce training that meet the global best practices of managing a CRM and become future industry leaders in the global market.

Salesforce Administrator Training:

A Salesforce Administrator has an operational role. The Salesforce Admins primarily solve business problems on the Salesforce platform by building, configuring, and automating technology to deliver business value. The course outline for the Salesforce Administration Training is as follows:

1. Importance of Salesforce
2. Role of a Salesforce Administrator
3. How to manage a Salesforce Database
4. How to create and manage a Salesforce Admin Profile
5. How to define and assign roles in Salesforce
6. How to create and manage Page Layout and Record Types
7. Managing Different types of reports
8. Defining Sharing rule and Permission Set
9. Create Custom objects, fields & Tabs
10. Creating a Dashboard and managing Leads & Opportunities
11. How to manage Automation tools

Eligibility Criteria: The applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree.

Salesforce Administrator Training in Pakistan
Salesforce Developer Training in Pakistan

Salesforce Developer Training:

A Salesforce developer’s role is to analyze the processes in Salesforce and create custom development solutions for specific customer requirements. These developers are considered the backbone of any business that uses Salesforce as their choice of CRM. The course outline for the Salesforce Developer Training is as follows:

1. Importance of Salesforce
2. Role of a Salesforce Developer
3. Training in Apex Class
4. Learn about Apex Test Class
5. Creating Triggers to manage and run Apex Class
6. What is a Sandbox
7. Lighting Web Components (LWC) & Aura Components
8. Creating SOQL Query in Salesforce
9. Manage Governance Limits
10. Manage Visual Force

Eligibility Criteria: The applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences (CS), Software Engineering, or Information Technology.

Eligibility Criteria

Program Journey:

• Registration – Applicants must register through the given link. - Apply Now

• Fee Submission and Documentation – The applicant must submit the fee along with the required documents.

• Training in Progress – Candidates who qualify will begin training in Lahore. The classes will include interactive training sessions with practical assessment projects and continuous feedback helping trainees maximize their learning.

• Graduation – Trainees that pass the evaluation criteria based on the final project and exam will commence towards graduation. All candidates will receive a Career Advisory Session at the end of their training, to teach them interview skills, CV writing, and professional ethics.

• You are located in either Lahore, Islamabad, or Karachi – all trainees are required to be present for interactive sessions held at these locations, which cannot be changed once the Bootcamp has started. Classes for Lahore will commence soon, and will be expanding to Karachi and Islamabad.

*Official Salesforce certifications are optional for the trainees and are to be paid for.

Contact us at +923158668393 or academy.lhr@exdnow.com


This is a paid training program. Contact us at +923158668393 or academy.lhr@exdnow.com for more information.

This training program is based in Lahore.

    1. The applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences (CS), Software Engineering or Information Technology for Salesforce Developer training.
    3. The applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree for the Salesforce Administrator training.

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