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For over a decade, ExD has been successfully creating a talent pool of technically-enabled professionals, training them to excel in their respective fields by becoming future IT industry leaders. Being an experienced player, ExD operates on the principles of ethics, efficiency, and entrepreneurship – aiming to develop a skilled workforce.

Out of 25,000 tech graduates every year, only 10% are considered employable by the IT and the ITeS industry. To combat this increasing gap, ExD has teamed up with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)and Pakistan Software House Association (P@SHA) in launching a Bootcamp to train technically endowed professionals in the industry. With the goal to #Upskill the youth of Pakistan, TechLift has strategized to provide job placement, practical training, and career advising. The program aims to empower 4000 eligible graduates to start occupying roles in the software industry.

Learn from an experienced industry leader and build your skillset just in time to start your professional journey, FREE of cost. Gain real-world insights and practical training in your field, based on actual client requirements. Master the art of giving interviews and be job-ready as soon as you enter the PSEB talent pool!

ExD is experienced in the practical implementation of the courses it offers, having completed several projects in both, Web Engineering and Mobile App Development.

Its expertise in Web Engineering is reflected in the number of projects it has completed for its clients, such as PSO, QRI, PPG, Shahalami.pk, CosmeticSkin, SDSP LUMS Alumni, uTuur, ArtSoch, Guardian Clinic, ezfresh, Tony in Car Care Pakistan, Cynosure, Indus Heritage Fund, Zoha by Aymen, and APWA.

In addition to this, ExD has successfully developed Mobile Apps for its clientele – PSO, QRI, PPG, Shahalami.pk, and ezfresh.

Program Journey

• Registration – Applicants must register through the Admission Portal before the deadline draws closer. They can choose to select either the weekday Bootcamp series, or the weekend one, and must select a course track for their first preference, and one for their second. Both have morning and evening shifts.

• Entry Test – Applicants will sit for an online entry test to gauge their aptitude for programming, based on their mathematical and logical analytical reasoning skills. Candidates who qualify will be sorted into their first or second-course tracks based on scores and available seats.

• Bootcamp in Progress – Candidates who qualify will begin Bootcamp sessions at the nearest possible centers in Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi. Classes will be divided into five segments, with assessment projects and continuous feedback helping trainees maximize their learning.

• Graduation – Trainees that pass the evaluation criteria based on the final project and viva at the end of the course will commence towards graduation. All candidates will receive a Career Advisory Session at the end of their training, which will teach them interview skills, CV writing, and professional ethics.

Recruitment – Graduating trainees will be added to a PSEB Talent Pool accessible to the entire IT industry in Pakistan and will be supported with placements, as well as direct hiring.

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Learn From Leaders

Get trained by Pakistan's leading IT companies according to international standards and market demands.

Courses Being Offered at ExD

Mobile App Development

Learn in-demand, mobile app development skills to enhance user experience. These programs reside over remote servers and mimic website functions over mobile applications. This course entails Flutter – a rapidly growing development framework launched by Google – and React Native; Learn to build iOS and Android apps in the Mobile App development framework created by Meta, the company behind Facebook.

Web Engineering

Learn to build robust web applications and websites! Modify individual internet experiences around the world. The course entails training in the .NET framework.


Become an expert in Software Quality Assurance at ExD. Learn how to test software products and services to ensure the productivity of its users.

MEAN/MERN Stack Development

Master the skills of a full-stack developer at ExD. Learn the most in-demand technology stack in this course including MongoDB, Express.js, Angular or React, and Node.js.

Eligibility Criteria

You Are Eligible If:

• You graduated in or after 2017 – you qualify if you fall into the criteria and have graduated; there are no limitations regarding your subject or area of study.

• You have completed 16 years of education, or a 4-year Bachelors Program.

• You have an inventive, analytical mind and a knack for numbers and statistics – Admissions rely on a merit-based entry test where applicants must utilize mathematical knowledge and critical thinking.

• You are currently unemployed, or underemployed – the goal is to #Upskill and provide practical training to those who are struggling with job prospects. In addition to this, TechLift also aims to provide opportunities for those females who might have had to leave their jobs due to familial obligations.

• You are located in either Lahore, Islamabad, or Karachi – all trainees are required to be present for interactive sessions held at these locations, which cannot be changed once the Bootcamp has started. Classes for Lahore will commence soon, and will be expanding to Karachi and Islamabad.

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