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SAP Ariba

Businesses thrive better when workflows are developed and streamlined. SAP Ariba is the Cloud-based solution for seamless source-to-pay, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. It can be implemented across industries, applicable to Automotives, Financial Services, Energy, FMCG, and the Public Sector.

With SAP Ariba, automate and upgrade conventional procurement processes to smarter and faster solutions. Transform the E-Procurement and supply chain experience with SAP Ariba by digitalizing and fully integrating the source-to-pay process. SAP Ariba enables effective and efficient management of cost accounting and payments, plus in-depth spend analysis, since all spending data is integrated with the other spending and financial information – all in one place. Utilize data-driven intelligence and supply chain visibility to manage solutions for sourcing and procurement. Reduce leakage, increase speed, and strengthen control of overspending. With this intelligent software, realize smarter spend insights and payment visibility in your procurements.

ExD, the leading SAP Ariba implementation partner, is the only company with local implementation experience of SAP Ariba, as well as the highest number of vendors onboarded. ExD’s Ariba competence comprises Sourcing, Contracts, End to End two-way integration, Compliance with PPRA regulations, Supplier Lifecycle and Performance, and Digital Supplier Network (commerce Automation).

Some of our flagship Ariba customers include PTCL, PSO, Mari Gas, and Byco Petroleum.

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