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Excellence Delivered offers a wide range of information technology (IT) and Consulting services designed to deliver exceptional return on investment for our customers. We provide licensing, implementation, support, training, upgrade and quality assurance of verity of technologies as part of our services. Some of these are stated below:  


ExD provides implementation, support, upgrade and training for the following ERP’s:

  • SAP S4/HANA, A-1 and B-1
  • Oracle Cloud and on Premise
  • Oracle Technologies
  • Analytics BO/OBIEE
  • RetailPro
  • xTuple
  • Salesforce
  • Sentez

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ExD has the expertise to provide end to end e-commerce services which include e-commerce site development (Shopify and Magento), mobile app development and managing customer deliveries. We support the business of our e-commerce clients through a dedicated Digital Media Marketing Team that helps increase both online and offline sales. In short, we can promote and deliver your goods across the globe. 

Our unique ability to connect our e-commerce sites to inventory control systems and POS systems help provide an omnichannel solution to our clients. The e-commerce services are further supported by our Business Intelligence Team that provides detailed analytics of sales, trends and forecasts. For more information, please email us




ExD provides customized software and application development services. Our team of technical experts has depth of experience in usability and user interface, up-to-date methodologies, and compact program management modules. These qualities enable us steer application development projects efficiently throughout the development lifecycle of an organization.

We have teams of ace professionals to develop customized softwares and add-ons for major ERPs in the Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Retail, and Professional and Financial Services industry. Some of our add-ons include:

  • Human Capital Management and Payroll System integrated with Oracle, SAP, xTuple and Sentez
  • Letter of Credit System integrated with Oracle, SAP, xTuple and Sentez
  • Herd Management System.
  • Textile Costing System

In addition, we have skilled professionals dealing with work in the following domains

  • Database Development
  • Application Integration
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Mining
  • PHP
  • Website Development

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ExD's experienced engineering staff powered by world-class tools and processes, offer end-to-end design expertise and ensure that the client's organizational structures remain free of costly errors and redesigning needs. Employing high-level designs suitable for any kind of Network Architecture Service, our engineers develop a complete, implementation-ready engineering package documenting the configuration parameters for your specific site. Partnering with ExD for detailed network design enables clients to take advantage of the resources available in the industry and achieve a comprehensive design solution. We build ingenuity by employing the best practices and taking advantage of the sound foundations of our experience in the following areas:

  • Hardware Infrastructure Design
  • Email Set up and Support
  • Real Application Cluster
  • Network Design
  • Intrusion Testing
  • Security

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