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Automating the Employee Experience – ExD x SEFAM

Sefam chooses Excellence Delivered for the Implementation of SAP SuccessFactors! Sefam group comprises ten multidisciplinary retail brands. Found on the principle of becoming Pakistan’s largest retail network, Sefam goes by the “less is more” paradigm, holding the view of “creating pieces which are made to last”. It is the pioneering champion of chain retailing and branding, having a wide network of about 700+ stores across Pakistan. Sefam embodies the philosophy of dedication with its state-of-the-art facilities and tireless planning teams, adamant about “building an ecosystem of expertise and vocational development.” With this belief comes the challenge of being the industry’s biggest innovator; growth needs to be evaluated. Solutions must be optimized according to the source and the era they are applied in. An intrinsic analysis displays what needs to be implemented, not just to manage the customer experience, but also to enhance internal systems. The overall success of the organization is contingent upon the people who are working for it, which is why it was important for Sefam to choose a strategy that coincides with its vision of expertise development.

To build an intelligent business enterprise, the employee experience must be managed effectively and efficiently. Solutions must be designed around employees – what motivates them and what drives them towards success. Enter SAP SuccessFactors, a state-of-the-art, cloud-based HR solution that simplifies the digital working space for employees in large enterprises, mid-sized companies, and small businesses. It establishes a single source of data across operations, generating enterprise-wide processes to develop critical employee insights. With this smart ERP, Business Alignment, People Performance, Recruitment, and Learning Activities are managed through automation and modernization, streamlining processes to enable business efficiencies. SAP SuccessFactors provides powerful analytics to improve strategic workforce planning.

Being a consummate professional and a Master of Innovation, ExD was Sefam’s chosen Technology Partner for the implementation of this integrated software. Upholding the values of integrity and passion, ExD believes in fostering a dynamic environment with enabled professionals, focused on individual and company-wide success. ExD is an experienced industry player with over 12 years of excellence in implementing technology solutions for its clients.


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