Excellence Delivered

Driving Hyundai Nishat’s Digital Evolution with SAP S/4HANA.

In Pakistan’s automotive domain, Hyundai Nishat Motors stands out as a leader, offering vehicles synonymous with reliability, innovation, and performance. To navigate the industry’s shifting landscape, Hyundai Nishat sought a robust automotive ERP solution, leading them to partner with Excellence Delivered, renowned for its SAP best practices and expertise as the best SAP partner in Pakistan.

Understanding Hyundai Nishat’s unique needs, Excellence Delivered recommended SAP S/4HANA to ensure a successful digital transformation journey for the organization. This choice proved pivotal, revolutionizing critical processes like finance, production, quality, and sales. For Hyundai Nishat, after Go Live, the SAP S/4HANA implementation facilitated seamless insights, analytics, and operational efficiency, resulting in notable enhancements in vehicle quality and customer service.

The transition toward digitalization wasn’t merely a technological upgrade but a strategic endeavor meticulously executed by Excellence Delivered. As a result, Hyundai Nishat Motors witnessed tangible improvements in its operational framework with SAP S/4HANA integration streamlining processes, enabling data-driven decision-making and fostering adaptive strategies.

Our approach transcended conventional service delivery, fostering a collaborative partnership with Hyundai Nishat throughout its digital journey. The outcome was an efficient, sustainable solution that surpassed strategic objectives. This synergistic alliance between Hyundai Nishat Motors and ExD underscores the transformative potential of digital innovation, propelling the organization toward a future defined by operational excellence and customer-centricity.


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