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Excellence Delivered – Grocer App’s Chosen Technology Partner

ExD remains steadfast in Digitalizing all sectors, transforming industry-wide experiences. On the 24th of December, 2021, ExD enabled the successful implementation of SAP Business One for GrocerApp – Pakistan’s leading E-Commerce grocery store. All senior executives were present during the ceremony, sharing their thoughts on the success of the project.

Found with the motive of combating the gap in the country’s online grocery space, GrocerApp was created to enable ease while procuring essentials. The driving factor behind its evolution was to save additional consumer trips, thereby mitigating the issues surrounding strenuous grocery trips. Pakistan’s leading online grocery store offers a variety of products at the lowest possible prices, invested in delivering the best possible experience. Thus, optimizing business processes and staying up-to-speed with growing consumer demands was necessary for GrocerApp to be consistent in its position as a key player in the industry.

The challenge here was to counter the issue of recording a large volume of transactions across fulfillment centers. GrocerApp required an integrated ERP solution to get real-time insights for better business decision-making. To drive profitable growth, they needed an affordable solution that came in the form of SAP Business One. Through SAP Business One, all core functions can be unified – from accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales, and customer relationships, to reporting, and analytics – enabling business agility.

Streamlined processes encourage a strengthened customer experience – what Grocer App aimed to develop. SAP Business One enabled them to gain access to real-time reporting, business insights, and end-to-end integrated supply chain management.

ExD, the only SAP Platinum Partner from Pakistan, was the chosen Technology Partner for GrocerApp. Through our promise of superior profitability, we work to ensure industry-wide success for our clients, bumping them to their rightful spot at the top. By embodying what we stand for – ethics, efficiency, and entrepreneurship – we guarantee to revolutionize business processes. Due to its unflinching integrity, ExD continues to thrive as the 1 Technology Partner across the industry.


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