Excellence Delivered

Excellence Delivered Joins Hands with Salesforce and Tableau

ExD Salesforce and Tableau Partnership

Excellence Delivered – ExD hosted a grand partnership ceremony at Pearl Continental Lahore on May 31st, 2023, to mark their collaboration with industry leaders, Salesforce and Tableau. The event brought together esteemed C-suite representatives and leaders from various sectors, creating an environment ripe for insightful discussions and exciting opportunities. Led by Chairman Sajjad Syed, the interactive talk delved into the growing role of innovation and technology in modern business operations, with a particular focus on the joint efforts of ExD, Salesforce, and Tableau in the realm of analytics and CRM.

Unveiling a Partnership of Innovation:

Salesforce and Tableau excel in technology and data analytics. Salesforce focuses on CRM, providing a strong platform for sales automation, lead management, and personalized customer interactions. It streamlines sales processes, tracks opportunities, and improves customer experiences. Tableau, on the other hand, leads in data visualization and analytics. It helps users convert intricate data into easy-to-understand insights. Its expertise lies in supporting data-driven decisions, identifying trends, and offering valuable business insights.

Fostering a Culture of Collaboration:

Overtime, Excellence Delivered – ExD has become a name synonymous with innovation, digital transformation and excellence; a reputation achieved through ExD’s consistent and remarkable contributions towards delivering the best solutions to its clients. The partnership between ExD, Salesforce and Tableau seeks to introduce cutting-edge technology, advanced analytics, and exceptional CRM capabilities to businesses globally. Combining the power of superior Salesforce CRM capabilities and Tableau’s high-end technology in the area of data visualization and data analytics, ExD is now ready to offer a comprehensive range of solutions to its clients across the world.

The Journey Ahead

ExD is united by a common vision to deliver excellence with its global partners, Salesforce and Tableau. This vision is driven by a desire to cultivate a culture of innovation to existing technology, while providing the best possible solution to its clients. ExD embarks upon this new journey with a resolve to further excel in its pursuit of delivering innovative, efficient and comprehensive solutions to its clients.


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