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Digital Transformation Begins: MESC Signed with ExD for SAP RISE implementation

ExD Revolutionizes Saudi Arabian Business Landscape with SAP

In a groundbreaking move towards digital transformation, ExD has recently sealed the largest mid-market deal for SAP in Saudi Arabia with Middle East Specialized Cables. The signing ceremony was held in Riyadh during the most well-attended tech event, Leap, at the SAP booth with the following in attendance. 


Team ExD

Team SAP

MESC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of high-performance specialty cables, LV Power & Control Cables, Building Wires, Flexible cables, Communication cables, and premium PVC compounds, providing solutions for several sectors: O&G, Petrochemical, Industrial, Commercial, Railway, Automotive, Military, and Renewable Energy. MESC has supported regional projects since 1993 in the Middle East and worldwide.

Excellence Delivered is the largest and only SAP Platinum Partner in Pakistanand is considered a top choice for SAP implementations, support, consultation, and upgrades for on-premise and cloud solutions.

The monumental signing between MESC and ExD involves the implementation of Rise with SAP S/4 HANA private cloud edition with complete digital core along with Signavio, SuccessFactors, advanced variant configuration, PPDS, commodities management, and more. With this strategic partnership, ExD is set to spearhead the complete digitization of the organization, ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation.

Drawing from Extensive Experience

ExD’s impressive portfolio includes collaborations with renowned organizations such as SESP, TAQA, GUFC, WASCO, RAMCO, and MEPCO, all of which share similar needs and objectives. Through these partnerships, ExD has amassed extensive experience in implementing SAP solutions tailored to the unique requirements of businesses operating in Saudi Arabia. ExD has also successfully executed similar implementations for Pakistani industry giants like Fast Cables and Popular Group, solidifying its reputation as a reliable partner in digital transformation endeavors.

Pioneering the Future of Saudi Arabian Business

As Excellence Delivered embarks on this groundbreaking journey toward digital transformation, the implications extend far beyond the immediate implementation phase. This strategic partnership sets the stage for long-term growth, resilience, and adaptability in evolving market dynamics. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and leveraging ExD’s expertise, organizations in Saudi Arabia are poised to unlock new opportunities and chart a course toward sustained success in the digital age.

ExD’s historic deal for SAP integration marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Saudi Arabian business landscape. With a proven track record and popularity as a top SAP partner (link to the blog) with unparalleled expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence, ExD leads the charge toward a future where innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness reign supreme. As organizations embrace digital transformation initiatives, Excellence Delivered stands ready to guide them.


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